Tuomariesittely: Sarah Mairs

Agilitypelejä saapuu Agiråkkiin tuomaroimaan kanadalainen Sarah Mairs. Lue, mitä Sarah kertoo itsestään ja tunnelmistaan agilitykisojen tuomaroimisesta Suomessa!

I’d like to Thank Finnish Agility Association for inviting me to this assignment.  Such an honor to judge my first International Championship.

I reside in a small town just north of Toronto, Ontario Canada.  My beginning agility partners were Golden Retrievers and my eldest is 13 years young.  My current agility partners are a Whippet mix and two Border Collies.

I have been active in judging agility since the early 1990’s and am passionate about continued growth in our sport.  I admire those stepping to the line for their first time in a local trial as much as I admire world champions acing the course at massive events.  Agility is a partnership that we are all so lucky to experience; and the joy from the judges shoes is much different then the joy in the competitor shoes.  I am blessed to wear both. I have judged all level of events from back yard starter level trials, Canadian Regional cups and a UKI Canadian National.  I have represented Team Canada on FCI, WAO and IFCS teams with my Golden Retriever and my Border Collie over the years 2004-2006 and 2015-2017.

I love the opportunity to be creative in my course design and certainly the strategy of games is one of my favorites. The games classes test the partnership with strategy skills and possibly back up plans.  It’s exciting to watch it unfold.  Good luck to everyone – See you on the start line!

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